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Class Rules, Dress Code and Studio Policies

  • Class Placement: Students are placed in class according to age and ability level. A student may be moved to a different class, after evaluation, the teacher finds that the student is not in the proper class for his/her ability.
  • Levels:  “Open” class = advanced level. “*” = need director’s approval prior to joining the class.  Level I-II = beginner to intermediate level.  Level II-III – Intermediate.-Advanced.
  • Instructors:  Here at M.A. Dance Project we believe having different instructors from year to year only benefits the dancer.  Therefore, we do not take “teacher requests”.  Each Faculty Member at M.A. Dance Project exceeds their experience level and brings valuable knowledge to each class and student.
  • Class Attendance: Please make every effort to attend classes. Refunds are not given for student absences. Make up classes are only given to ill students and with in the same month of the absence.
  • Class Attire: all students must obey class attire. Instructors have the right to dismiss students if they are not in the proper attire.
  • Front Lobby Etiquette: when waiting in the front lobby; please keep voices to a minimum, as this area is also used for our office.  No food or drink in the front lobby.  For safety; children should not use the front lobby area as a play area.  Sitting on the floor can be unsafe.  To avoid over crowding; please use the drop off, pick up method.
  • Observation:  parents and visitors will be able to observe classes through our observation windows on the 3rd week of each month.  However, when it comes closer to our Spring Showcase, viewing will be kept to a minimum.  Instructors have the right to close blinds at any time if dancers become distracted.  Also keep in mind the viewing windows are not very large; please be courteous when viewing.

    Dress Code

    **a cover up is required to and from the studio**


    BALLET & POINTE: All students must wear a solid black leotard (any style), pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair secured in a bun. Ballet skirts are not permitted. Warm up attire may be worn according to the weather.

    CONTEMPORARY : any colored fitted tank, leotard, loose fitted tee, cut off sweats, capris or hot shorts, hair must be pulled away from face.   Bring your bare feet.

    CREATIVE RHYTHM & MOVEMENT: any color leotard, pink tights, black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, hair secured in a bun or ponytail

    HIP HOP: baggy comfortable clothing, street sneakers and hair pulled away from face

    JAZZ : any colored fitted tank or leotard, cut off sweats, capris or hot shorts, black jazz shoes, hair must be pulled away from face

    TAP: any colored fitted tank or leotard, cut off sweats, capris or cargo pants, black tap shoes (no split sole), hair pulled away from face


    Please read carefully with your child
  • students must wear a cover up to and from the dance studio at all times (t-shirt, sweat pants etc.)
  • dance shoes are not to be worn outside of the studio
  • no food or drink is permitted in the dance rooms, front lobby or dressing rooms
  • do not leave children unattended at any time
  • no horesplay will be permitted in the studio
  • teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student who continuously disrupts class
  • students must arrive to class on time. if a student is 15 minutes late or more, they may be asked to sit out
  • if only 1 student arrives for class, the instructor will/might suggest a makeup class for that student
  • the chairs in the lobby are for sitting only!!!
  • students may bring a water bottle to dance, but must keep it in their dance bag and will be able to have water breaks in between classes only!
  • parents must pick up their child on time. instructors are not responsible for watching students who are not picked up on time.
  • snacks must be eaten in the student lounge only
  • no gum, jewelry or drinks allowed in the studio rooms
  • siblings of students must be under adult supervision in the studio at all times
  • the student lounge is not a play area. it is used for studying and snacking!!

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